CSI: Sarasota

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Carol Springer
Carol Springer Florida Mitigation Specialist

Criminal Defense Investigations

It is the job of a Criminal Defense Investigator to uncover the truth behind a criminal case. CSI: Sarasota’s work ethic is to uncover the truth, to defend those who stand wrongfully accused of crime, and to help innocent people avoid condemnation and subsequent legal reprisals. CSI: Sarasota conducts critical investigations in a timely manner on all types of criminal cases including, but not limited to Homicide, Drug crimes (trafficking, possession) Capital Sex crimes, etc. As a certified criminal defense investigator in Florida, Carol Springer has the specific knowledge, experience, skills, and contacts necessary to conduct thorough court ready investigations which may include:

Photographs/Videos Sketches, Diagrams and Measurements, Witness Interviews, Follow Up and Development of Leads, Police Interviews, Fire/Rescue Ambulance Interviews, Victim Interviews, Secondary Forensic Evidence Testing, Witness/Suspect Location, Polygraph Examinations, Background Investigations of Involved Parties, and Confidential Informants and Sources.